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In this course you are going to learn about intermittent fasting, eating windows, and the foundation of what the Waist Away lifestyle is. You'll also get to watch the full videos from my interviews with thin eaters to learn their secrets!

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating where you restrict the number of hours that you eat rather than track every calorie that you consume. In my research, I interviewed over 1,000 thin people and most of them did not have a specific hour of the day that they ate (e.g. lunch at 12, dinner at 6). They all ate naturally based on when they were actually hungry. Most of them eat one or two meals a day in a window of time we call an eating window.  

You open your eating window when you consume your very first meal, snack, or caloric drink of the day. You close your eating window after you consume your very last calorie. When you’re fasting you can only drink water, coffee, and unsweetened tea. There is no magic number of hours that every person should use for their eating window. Eight hours works great for some and six hours is better for others. Some people choose to eat only one meal and a snack a day in a window of four hours or fewer. The length of your eating window should be what works best for you with consideration to the portion sizes you eat. 

The basis of this lifestyle is this: you don’t restrict what you eat, but when you eat. You can eat what you like when you are physically hungry, as long as you only eat in your eating window and follow the FIRES Principles. These Principles work together with intermittent fasting. If you think you can lose weight by eating non-stop for eight hours straight, then you’re sadly mistaken! FIRES will teach you to never overeat and to eat only when you’re truly hungry.  

In the first edition of my book, Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way, I presented 10 Chantel Ray Way Rules, 10 Biblical Principles with the practice of intermittent fasting. My readers told me twenty concepts was too much to memorize, and I want to help make this easy for you! So, now everything you’re going to learn in this course is still based on those twenty concepts, but I’ve slimmed everything into five easy-to-remember parts, using the acronym FIRES: Fast on a regular basis; Identify True Hunger; Reduce sugar and white simple carbs; Enjoy real food without deprivation; Stop before you’re full. Then, you’ll be on fire!


The 5 Principles of Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way

F—Fast on a regular basis 

I—Identify True Hunger 

R—Reduce sugar and white simple carbohydrates 

E—Enjoy Real Food without deprivation 

S—Stop before you’re full 

I'm excited to have you apart of this course!

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